Divergent by Veronica Roth: Book Review

Title: Divergent (Book 1)
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: #1 Divergent, #2 Insurgent, #3 Allegiant
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: April 25, 2011

*No spoilers*

Brief summary: The story is about Beatrice Prior who lives in a dystopian society that is divided into five factions

  1. Abnegation (the selfless)
  2. Amity (the peaceful)
  3. Candor (the honest)
  4. Dauntless (the brave)
  5. Erudite (the intelligent)

And then there are those who fail to belong in a faction and become factionless, the homeless and unwanted of the society. Each faction lives out the virtue that it symbolises. At 16, the choice of faction is yours; regardless of what an aptitude test that assesses your true inner personality trait points toward.

The story follows Beatrice and her surprising decision and whilst being thrown into a challenging training process, she realises she has a secret that could cost her her life.

My Opinion: When I am so engrossed in a book that I physically can’t put it down, it gets 5 stars. This is one of them. I found the story flow to be at exactly the right pace. I like the protagonist and am pleased she represents many virtues that I personally believe in – making her own choices and standing up for what is right. Roth’s writing really sucks you into the mind of the character and takes you on the journey with her.

Only one thing of concern – I didn’t expect certain things to unfold the way they did toward the final few chapters. Not to mean they weren’t good but it seemed somewhat premature. Having said that, I think it was set up very well for the next instalment.

Recommend: Hell Yes.

Rating: 5 Stars

What did you think?

8 thoughts on “Divergent by Veronica Roth: Book Review

  1. passionarts16 says:

    Please don’t read Allegiant before you watch the movie because it could ruin your opinion of the movie, wait until you have seen the movie.

      • passionarts16 says:

        No, but if you read Allegiant before Divergent it may ruin the movie but you should read it before Insurgent to prepare yourself because you will be in a state of shock. Hope that’s good advice :)

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